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Creekside Offroad Ranch

Splendora, Texas

Park Hours: We are open Friday @ 12 Noon through Sunday @ 6:00 PM

Need More Info about Creekside Offroad Ranch?

We have over 350 acres for you to ride on at Creekside Offroad Ranch. Peach Creek runs right through the middle of our park and is legal to ride in! We also have plenty of camping spaces, RV hookups & wonderfully clean bathrooms & showers.

Here's a rundown of our most Frequenly Asked Questions:

  1. When are y'all open? Effective April 8, 2011 We will be open on weekends only. Friday noon thru Sunday 6pm.
  2. How much is it going to cost me to ride out there? $20 per day for 1 ATV or ORV & 1 rider.
  3. What can I ride out there? Trucks, ATV's, UTV's, Dirtbikes, if it goes in the dirt, bring it out!
  4. What are the safety requirements for your park? Are helmets required? Can we ride double? We strongly recommend helmets and strongly discourage riding double.
  5. How do I get there? For detailed directions and links to maps, please see our Location Page.
  6. Can we bring our pets? Yes, but please make sure that all dogs are leashed and attended at all times.
  7. Can we camp? Please, be our guest! For camping rates, please see our Camping Page.
  8. Do you have clean showers & bathrooms we can use? ABSOLUTELY!
  9. Can we bring our BBQ pit? YES!
  10. Does everyone have to sign the release, even if they are not riding? YES! When you enter the property everyone must sign the release, regardless.

Creekside Offroad Ranch General Rules

We want everyone that comes through our gates to have a great time. We expect everyone, staff & visitors, to abide by the following rules:
All visitors must sign the release at the front gate each day they are at the park.
Minors under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the premises.
The speed limit in the parking/camping areas is 5 MPH. Please watch for small children playing.
Wheelies, tricks & stunts are PROHIBITED in the parking/camping areas.
Helmets are not required, but are STRONGLY recommended
Riding "double" is STRONGLY discouraged
The use of any illegal substance is PROHIBITED
Firearms on the premises is PROHIBITED
Underage drinking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
DON'T BE A LITTERBUG! Place all trash & refuse in the trash cans located around the park. Do not throw trash in campfires.
Glass containers of ANY type are PROHIBITED. Glass containers may be confiscated by staff at any time, but especially at events.
Do not cut live trees for firewood. There is plenty of dead wood around for campfires & bonfires.
Bad attitudes, fighting, vandalism, theft, and/or harassment will not be tolerated. You WILL be asked to leave the park.

Contact us for reservations or if you need more info about the park or any of the events:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 281-689-5700

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